Cameron’s Quiet on Renewables


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David+CameronWhen David Cameron entered number 10 in the 2010 election he promised that his government would be one of the greenest in history.  Since then the Tories have been fairly quiet on their energy and climate agendas, leaving these matters for other members of his party to chew over and wax lyrical.  But Mr Cameron will now have to face questions regarding his energy policies and from his peers as well as the Liaison Committee about his avoidance of his word on green policy.

And it is with great shame that the green energy policy isn’t made more if as it is a completely redeemable method of helping the economy out the slump which it is currently in.  But potential green energy investors w=could likely be put off by the erring confidence of the government who aren’t fully engaging with the idea.  Mr Cameron urgently needs to focus sharply on this issue that he once so clearly promoted.

With the latest energy bill having been released at the end of November there are now grumblings from the inner chambers of government.  The chancellor, George Osbourne looks set to weaken the UK’s emissions target which had been set by the Climate Change Act – an act which has been strongly supported by the PM and the Tory party as a whole.

Several countries including Denmark, Mexico and Australia were looking to the UK for the leadership regarding emissions reduction and there were several more due to follow.  From the act an independent committee was born called the Committee on Climate Change and this recommended that there were carbon budgets set up every five years so that targets could be met on temperate scale to achieve the 80 per cent carbon emissions goals.

Now it seems like the chancellor is ready to put his eggs into the gas market once again, with the re-emergence of using shale gas to power the UK.  However, this in itself has many challenges over the weeks and months ahead.

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